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Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Savoring the Supremacy of God

Our vision is to magnify God as the all-satisfying object of the believer’s life in worship and service, here and forever.

Studying the Word of God

Our vision is to work out both the large picture and the immediate texts in Holy Spirit enabled exposition and application in the public and private ministry of the Word of God.

Shaping the People of God

Our vision is to see minds, affections, and wills transformed by the Word of God so that God is magnified by an obeying faith in every sphere of life.

Spreading the Gospel of God

Our vision is to proclaim the gospel to all the people groups so that God is glorified in every tribe, language, and people group.

Our Purposes

Exaltation: Our Doxological Purpose

Exaltation is all that we do in terms of pursuing God in worship. This is the overarching purpose of the church. The church exists to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.

Edification: Our Discipleship Purpose

Edification is all that we do to know God better, to please Him in every facet of life, to learn, to believe, to understand and to obey the Scriptures fully, and to love God and one another in each sphere of life as we grow in Christ-likeness.

Evangelism: Our Declarative Purpose

Evangelism is all that we do to proclaim the gospel to every people group in order to see all of God’'s elect brought into His Kingdom.