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Our Programs

Personal Counseling

We provide personal counseling to people who are struggling with issues of life. This includes marital, relational, parent-child, eating disorders, depression and substance abuse as well as many other areas.

Our personal counseling is generally scheduled on Mondays from 10:00a.m.-8:00p.m. You will be assigned a counselor based on availability and your needs. Our personal counseling is available on a donation basis and there is no fee.  To schedule an appointment or for more information, please call the church office at (937) 885-2143 or email counseling@clearcreekchapel.org

Nouthetic Counseling Training Classes

ACBC Basic Training Module

This course is the basic course in Biblical counseling. It will introduce you to the philosophy and practice of Biblical Counseling and you will receive the Level One Certificate upon completion.

Counseling Workshops

These workshops are designed to equip people to help themselves and others who are overcome with particularly challenging issues of life and sin.

Training Schedule

February-May: ACBC Basic Training is scheduled the 3rd weekend of each of these months. The Workshops are held the 3rd Saturdays of some of these months. Email or call for current dates and topics or to register for any training or following link to register online www.chapelevents.org

Email: counseling@clearcreekchapel.org

For inquiries on having any of this training at your location, please call and ask to speak to the counseling administrator.

Our Practice

Our Counselors


All our counselors are trained and experienced in helping people deal with the issues of life and change. They have gone through counseling training classes and on-going development through classes, conferences, oversight and critique.


While we do not seek professional credentials for ministry, we counsel according to the Biblical standards established by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC).


Our counselors are accountable to the Elders of Clearcreek Chapel, particularly to the Pastor for Counseling.


We are recognized and sought out to teach and train other Biblical counselors. Clearcreek Chapel is a ACBC approved Training Center.

Our counselors counsel out of love for God and love for His people. We want to express God’s love for people through our attention and empathy with people in their need.