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Children's Ministries

By God’'s grace and through His Word, we intend to cultivate in the hearts of the children of Clearcreek Chapel a passion for the supremacy of God that will become a love for Him and be seen in love for one another and love for the lost.

Our vision is to see the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of the children of Clearcreek Chapel transformed by the Word of God so that God is magnified by their faith in every aspect of their lives.

Our curriculum is intentionally God-centered, Christ-focused, and Bible-based. The Bible'’s storyline is presented at every age, showing the Scriptures to be God’'s Word. 

Classroom instruction currently is engaged in four age groups:

  • Preschool children from age 3 are introduced to God and His Word by learning about several foundational events and concepts from the Bible.
  • The Beginner department, ages 4 through kindergarten, in a two-year sequence, navigate the Old and New Testaments seeing the wonder of God as He has revealed Himself throughout history.
  • The Primary department, those in the first through third grades, survey the Bible, seeing the Gospel-Christ centered orientation of the Scriptures and being exposed to themes of God’'s promises and Jesus life and work.
  • The Junior department, children in the fourth through sixth grades, also survey the Bible from its Gospel-Christ centered focus and explore themes of God’'s character and His providence.


Clearcreek Chapel Youth Ministries (CCYM)

The vision of the Clearcreek Chapel Youth Ministry is:

  1. to see unbelieving youth embrace Christ as Lord and Savior through the  clear and frequent proclamation of the gospel; and
  2. to see believing youth progress from folly to wisdom, from basic to advanced Bible teachings, from private to public confessions through baptism, and from spiritual immaturity to maturity as we teach the Word and engage together in body life.


Adult Bible Education (ABE)


The mission of ABE is to provide Christ-centered teaching and learning in order to equip and mature the community in Christlikeness so that the community is grounded in sound doctrine.


ABE’'s vision is discipleship through Christ-centered, expositional teaching and learning in both the Old Testament and New Testament in the context of church community.


ABE'’s purpose is to glorify God by equipping the saints through Christ-centered theological education for the ministry of building up the body of Christ, and of expanding the gospel beyond our community.