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Spreading the Gospel of God Ministries is about two things. It is first about getting the gospel right. In a culture of multiple versions of the gospel, we only want to know what the Bible says regarding the authentic gospel. The gospel is about God and His Son Jesus. It is about what God has done through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. It is about how God’'s justice to uphold His righteousness and His love to justify sinners come together at the cross. This is the heart of the gospel story.

Secondly, the ministry is about valuing the gospel to the extent that we cannot keep it to ourselves. We see it as our joy to spread it wherever we are. We intentionally teach and train our congregation for creative, courageous, compassionate, Christ-reliant evangelism and gospel expansion. Our vision is to see our entire church actively bringing our biblical faith and Christian love into the lives of people who do not yet understand and believe the gospel.