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Our vision is to work out both the large picture and the immediate texts in Holy Spirit enabled exposition and application in the public and private ministry of the Word of God.


The Chapel Pulpit exists and aims:

  • To exalt Christ in the preaching of the Scriptures
  • To exposit the Scriptures regularly and systematically
  • To edify and encourage believers by the teaching the Scriptures
  • To evangelize the lost by preaching the gospel through the Scriptures
  • To enable ministry through modeling the use of the Scriptures


The Chapel Pulpit is guided by the following values and treasures:

  • We value preaching that is expositional of the text.
  • We value preaching that is Christ centered.
  • We value preaching through the whole Bible.
  • We value preaching that is passionate.
  • We value preaching that transforms lives.


We aim to achieve the following goals as God allows and enables:

  • To follow the guidelines for exposition in the Supplement.
  • To preach the whole Bible in the way taught by Christ and modeled by the apostles.
  • To preach with authority, clarity, humility and Spirit enabled passion and power.
  • To publish the pulpit ministry as much as possible.
  • To be men of the Word as well as men who preach the Word.


We will establish the following core administrative procedures to organize the ministry:

  • The pastor for preaching will be responsible for all pulpit scheduling
  • The pastor for preaching will solicit series from the Elders and others
  • The elders will submit series proposals as requested
  • No less than the present and the next quarter will be fully scheduled.
  • The office will maintain the current pulpit schedule.
  • Elders unable to meet their obligation will reschedule through the pastor for preaching, and in his absence, the chairman of the elders.

Guidelines for the Exposition of the Word of God

Content - Getting it Right

Truth – Holding the Line

We will stay in the line of Scripture, not adding to nor taking away. We will strive to be true to what the text says and intends.

Themes – Listening to the Symphony

We will speak in harmony with the large themes of the Scripture recognizing that God gave us a book in the shape and form that it is in. Our emphasis will be on the developing of a Canonical Theology.

Texts – Following Melodic Lines

We will sing the song the text does. We will take larger sections so that we can follow the thoughts of the author. We will avoid micromanaging the text. We do paragraph by paragraph exposition.

Telos – Submitting to Intent

We use the text the way the author intended. We will strive to bow to the text’s agenda and not impose our own or use the text to serve our agenda.

Trajectory – Pointing to Christ

We will see Christ through the text as the author and text intend. We will guard against “Jesus under every bush” while savoring His glory everywhere it is.

Type – Observing the Literature

We will preach the literature of the Bible as it is. Our preaching will be different when we are in different types of Scripture: narrative, poetry, prophesy, epistles, doctrinal. We affirm that the form of the message as well as the content of the message is inspired.

Terrain – Mapping the Contours

In our preaching we will follow the text’s own structures. In studying and preaching, we will have our terrain following systems tuned high.

Texture – Feeling the Affections

We will aim to resonate with the text. We will not preach in a dry, distanced academic tone. We will say what we are saying with the affections and emotions in the text itself.

Tone – Speaking in its Voice

We will talk like the text does. We will be story-like in narratives. We will be authoritative where there are imperatives. We will talk in the voice the Scripture is.

Travel – Getting from Then to Now

We will aim to get our travel instructions from the text itself. We aim to help bring the text to the listener and the listener to the text.

Communication – Getting it Across

Authority – Speaking for God

We aim to speak with the authority of God. We are not having a conversation, making suggestions, giving optional counsel; preaching is the one way declaration of Word and Spirit.

Humility – Depending on the Spirit

We will humble ourselves under our Redeemer and Ruler so that our authority is not arrogance. We will bow with joy to God and His Word so that we are utterly dependent on the Spirit for the power in our preaching and for our listeners.

Charity – Loving the Listener

We will preach as Shepherds to the sheep, loving you with all we are. We will then bring the Scriptures with life and love so that even the hard medicines are balms in Gilead.

Clarity – Making it Clear

We will preach in a way and with words that make the text clear. Our eloquence is the beauty of Christ, the truth of the Word, the grandness of the gospel described. We intend for what is in the Bible to become clear in the listeners’ hearts.

Accessibility – Keeping it Simple

We will preach in a way that makes the text simpler, not more complicated. We aim to take the difficult and obscure because of culture and distance and open the door so that the listener will be able to understand it.

Connectability – Rising from the Text

We will preach so that what we say is obvious from the text we are preaching. We will pull no exegetical rabbits out of the original language hat. We will preach in such a way that the listener will be able to see how we got it and learn how to get it for themselves.

Visibility – Seeing through Illustration

We will use illustrations to illustrate. We will use them to help incarnate texts, to make them living and alive. We will do what the incarnation has done: the Word, the Lord Jesus, has become flesh,

Practicality – Applying its Sense

We will aim to apply the text. We will not shift the meaning or the purpose of the text through application. The text is its own application. It was meant in its original giving to teach and transform the hearer and reader. Our application will be right from the text itself.

Connection – Getting it Through

We aim to pierce the heart though our preaching to bring transformation in our beliefs and desires, our actions and affections. In doing so, these series of couplets express our desire to bring the message of the Scriptures in the midst of the mess.

Instruction and Incarnation

Teaching that has flesh and blood in it.

Truth and Doing

Doctrine that has action from it.

Principle and Practice

Principles that have practical aim.

Faith and Love

All that matters is love working by faith.

Wisdom and Walk

Marrying the Word to life that has feet to it.